Curvy, Curly, Conscious Presents

A 6-Month Virtual Meditation Journey To Help You Take Control Of Your Healing and Flourishing

Meditation Is For You, Sis. Come Sit With Us.

You Can Sit With Us is a 6-month virtual meditation circle rooted in community, connection, and healing.
This ain’t your mama's meditation circle. I mean, hers is great too, but this one is specifically for YOU.
This meditation journey is all about meeting you where you are, right now, as you are.

We are using the opportunity for online connection as a foundation to build a safe space for women who are beginners at meditation and looking to start their practice.

Somethings are better when shared with a community of like-minded, soul aligned, dope ass women...meditation is one of them.

You know and understand how profoundly beneficial a consistent meditation practice can be in your life.

You know that meditation can help you to stay grounded.
You know that meditation can help you find peace and clarity in your life.
You know that meditation can help you connect with your divine intuition.

And even with all of this knowledge of the positive benefits of meditation, most of us have not been successful at including a consistent meditation practice in our daily routines.


Maybe it’s because you’ve tried before but you “can’t stop thinking.”
Maybe it’s because you can’t find the time.
Maybe it’s because you don’t know where to start.
Maybe it’s because there’s nobody around you to help support you in your journey.

We get it all and that’s why we created You Can Sit With Us.

You Can Sit With Us is specifically for the woman who is a mix of Henny and namaste.
She’s curious, open to exploration, loves connecting to her higher-self and still finds the time to indulge in occasionally ratchetry.
She’s committed and ready to take her self-care to the next level.

You Can Sit With Us is a 6-month virtual meditation circle rooted in community, connection, and healing.

Over the course of 6-months, you’ll work both individually and collectively to develop a meditation practice that you’re able to fully embody and incorporate into your world. You won’t do this alone. You’ll be supported and nourished by a community of other women who are on the same journey as you.

What you get when you join You Can Sit With Us:

Access to our monthly virtual meditation circle and discussion with Shelah Marie
This 2-hour monthly virtual meet-up will take place via Zoom. Each call will start with an interactive discussion/presentation from Shelah Marie. This section is where the principles of the respective theme will be explored more deeply. This will be followed by Q&A if there are any questions, and will conclude in a live meditation. The meditation will always reinforce the current phase and will always take place live on the call. The live meditation component is critical, as it’s an opportunity for the whole group to share an energetic space and a focus. The calls will be a chance for members to “meet” up and develop a stronger sense of community with the group.

Monthly Guided Meditations Created By Shelah Marie
Are you familiar with Shelah’s Meditation Mixtape? If you’re not, check it out here, if you are, you’re familiar with Shelah’s guided meditation style - which is soulful with a little spunk. Each month you’ll receive a new guided meditation to further deepen and reinforce your practice.

Personal Social Challenges To Help You Embody Your Practice
Meditation is a tool that helps you to be more in your world instead of less. With consistent practice, it helps you to be more aware and attentive which makes for a fuller life. Each week, you'll be presented with a personal social challenge to help you to recognize the positive benefits your daily meditation practice is having on your life.

Access To Our Private Facebook Community
Developing a meditation practice ain’t easy, but it can be made easier with the help and support of others on the same journey. Through our Facebook Community, you’ll be able to share your journey, seek encouragement, and support your sister's wins as ya’ll grow on this journey together.

the flow

You Can Sit With Us consists of two 90-day phases each with a separate focus and intention meant to help you deepen and expand your meditation practice.

Each phase includes:
A 2-hour monthly virtual meditation circle meet-up
A new guided meditation released at the beginning of each month
A new social challenge released at the beginning of each week

Phase One: Creating Your Meditation Practice

June - August 2019

Since this circle is designed specifically for beginners, in phase one, we will start by exploring the basics in creating your meditation practice. We will explore the mind-spirit-body connection and take a deep dive into self-acceptance.

Virtual Meditation Circle Meeting Dates & Times For Phase One:
1st Meeting // Thursday, June 13th @ 7pm EST
2nd Meeting // Monday, July 1st @ 7pm EST
3rd Meeting // Monday, August 12th @ 7pm EST

Phase Two: Deepening Your Meditation Practice

September - November 2019

In this phase, we will spend time focusing on a sense of loving-kindness for ourselves. First, we will focus on forgiveness and how to invite forgiveness with ourselves and then with others. We will also explore ways to invite a deeper sense of inner peace.

Virtual Meditation Circle Meeting Dates & Times For Phase Two
1st Meeting // Monday, September 9th @ 7pm EST
2nd Meeting // Wednesday, October 9th @ 7pm EST
3rd Meeting // Wednesday, November 6th @ 7pm EST

The investment

The true value of You Can Sit With Us is found in the community. Sure you can begin your meditation practice alone, but why would you when you can have the support of others cheering you on?

You Can Sit With Us is priced per each 90-day phase.
You can purchase each phase separately or purchase them all together if you’re in for the long haul and know this is for you.

Phase One:
Creating Your Meditation Space
June - August 2019

In phase one, we will start by making room for our meditation space and practice. We will begin to understand how to incorporate meditation into our daily lives.

Phase Two:
Deepening Your Meditation Practice
September - November 2019

In phase two, we’ll focus on the intelligence of our bodies. How to decode what our bodies are trying to tell us, basic concepts in healing our bodies and deepen our sense of connectedness and love for our bodies.


At Curvy, Curly, Conscious we deeply believe that the healing of Black women is of paramount importance; it’s what our programs, events, and business are all about. Our pricing for You Can Sit With is based on the motto “money shouldn’t get in the way of your healing.” It reflects our desire and mission to bring the healing practice of meditation to as many Black women as possible.

While the program price is $200, we have made the decision to offer two other rates of $125 and $75 to make room for a broader range of financial situations. Take a look at the options and choose the one that you feel most comfortable with or the one that makes the most sense for your current financial situation. Your healing and thriving ultimately have no dollar amount and we know that the tools you will learn during your time in You Can Sit With Us will be invaluable. We are deeply excited to go on this meditation journey with you, at any rate, that you decide to join us, and look forward to healing together.

There’s so much noise in the world. So much push and pull. So much disconnection that, if you’re not grounded and intentional, these forces have the ability to shake you and take away your peace and clarity.

You don’t need that, sis.
You don’t deserve that, sis.

By committing to a meditation practice you’re giving yourself more power and control of your life, emotions, and well-being. You’re giving yourself more agency and autonomy.

If you’re committed and consistent, by the end of our time together you’ll experience these positive benefits:

  • Increase in your positive emotions (read here)

  • Boost in your health and well-being (read here)

  • Increase in social connection and emotional intelligence (read here)

  • Improvement in your ability to regulate your emotions and stay calm (read here)

  • Improvement in your productivity (read here)

So are you ready to come sit with us?

A 6-Month Virtual Meditation Journey
To Support Your Healing and Flourishing

You Can Sit With Us is a 6-month virtual meditation circle rooted in community, connection, and healing.
This ain’t your mama's meditation circle. I mean, hers is great too, but this one is specifically for YOU.
This meditation journey is all about meeting you where you are, right now, as you are.

Recap Of What’s Included In Each Phase:

  • Monthly virtual meditation circle and discussion so that you can create and experience synergy with women doing what you’re doing.

  • Monthly guided meditations created by Shelah Marie delivered straight to your inbox so that you can reinforce your daily practice with a voice that’s familiar.

  • Personal social challenges so that you can embody your meditation practice in the physical world.

  • Access to our private Facebook community so that you can ask questions, share experiences, and support your fellow sisters through their meditation journey.



What is the refund policy?
If for some reason you’re not satisfied with the program or your life has shifted and you’re no longer able to participate, you have seven (7) days from the start of each phase to request a full refund and be removed from the program. After that time, unfortunately, we do not offer any sort of refund.

Deadline to request a full refund for Phase 1: Thursday, June 20, 2019
Deadline to request a full refund for Phase 2: Wednesday, September 11, 2019

All requests for refunds need to be sent to

What if I miss/can't make a call?
The dates and times of each call have been included up above to ensure that those who want to enroll know what days we will be meeting. Community calls are only held once a month, so we hope that those who choose to enroll are able to do so fully...but we understand that life happens. Community calls are not recorded because we want participants to be able to show up in their fullness and share in a comfortable space, that means what happens in circle stays in circle. If you are unable to make a call, that’s perfectly fine, you’ll still receive that month’s guided meditation and we hope to see you on the next call.

If I miss the call, do I get a refund?
Please be sure to mark each date in your calendar and make yourself available for each call. We don’t want you to miss out on any information or community building that will take place during these two hour sessions. You will not be refunded if you miss a community call.

What if I am already deep into a consistent meditation practice?
Wonderful. We are glad that you have remained dedicated to experiencing the positive impacts of a Meditated Brain! You Can Sit With Us has been created for women that have had a difficult time beginning and sticking to a meditation practice. However, if you’re interested in a loving community and revisiting foundational information about meditation, look no further.

Will I be on video during the call?
YES. This is so we can connect on a more human level and develop trust within the group.

Will I get value in joining only one phase?
Each phase can stand alone, but it's highly recommended to take the six months. Treat this as a semester at a university almost. This is a study on meditation for a more peaceful, high frequency life long term.

Do I have to have Zoom to participate?
Yes you do. Zoom is free and easy to install on your computer or phone.

Can I join on a phone?
Yes, but to maximize your experience it's recommended to be on a computer as there will be screen sharing of slides, video and "breakout sessions."

How do I get the most out of the calls?
Be in a quiet, private area where you feel comfortable to really focus and be present. Doing this with kids present or other people is not recommended. This is designed to be your time to focus on yourself and your experience.

Do I need to have a Facebook account to participate?
Participating in the private Facebook community is not mandatory, though it is highly encouraged. We like to think that your participation online will help hold you accountable to your goals, encourage you to begin again if things get rough, give you ideas of how to deepen your meditation practice and connect you to a community of like minded sisters that will root for your success. Who could say no to that?

What if I’m an introvert?
Introverts need sisterhood and accountability too! We are making space for a community that will be here when you need it. During the monthly meditation circle, there will be a few breakout sessions where you will get the chance to talk through the materials with other sisters. Other than that, you have the option to be as engaged or reserved as you’d like.